Baby Ross at Home Newborn Session

I met Kristen in kindergarten.  She was this funky little girl who had cute outfits, and amazing shoelaces.  She also (though she tells me I'm making this up) used to talk to bears that she thought lived in the wall of our Elementary School.  I was fascinated by her!  And though we went to different middle schools, high schools, and colleges, we have remained the best of friends. Not the kind that can go 6 months without speaking and never miss a beat (though I love those friends, too), I'm talking that kind that talks every day.  Family. 

Seeing Kristen have her first baby has given me ALL the feels.  It doesn't help that I'm halfway through my own pregnancy and my hormones are ALL over the place!  I've cried all the tears from the moment she told us she was expecting!  I am OVER THE MOON that she met Ross, the sweetest, kindest guy, and that the two of them brought this perfect, beautiful baby into the world.  I cannot wait to watch them grow as parents and raise this adorable little boy.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from our recent at home newborn session!